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Pakdelan fard Jewelry, with a history of several hundred years

Pakdelan fard Jewelry, with a specific attention dedicated to ornaments and acquiring skills and experience over long years, has continuously provided the most high quality ornaments.

Tendency toward art and beauty is one of the undeniable inherent qualities of humans. Until the twentieth century, jewelry making was not considered an independent art. But over time, jewelry has turned into a significant part of people’s favorites, especially for women. This process made jewelry an independent art in the world of fine arts. Jewelry is one of the centuries-old arts in the history of Iran. Initially, jewelry was made using a variety of metals, such as iron and copper. After discovery and utilization of gold and silver, the elegance of jewelry increased day by day. Relying on this Iranian art with a history of more than thirty years, Pakdelan fard Jewelry has been able to achieve all the features of a unique gallery of eye-catching jewelry.


Pakdelan fard Jewelry history

Experience along with expertise and skill is one of the most important keys to success. Jewelry making and design and construction of a variety of ornaments, is not an exception of this rule due to its delicate workmanship. Thanks to this golden key to success, Pakdelan fard Jewelry has been able to overtake his other colleagues.

In 1981, Mr. Pakdlanfard, the founder of Pakdelan fard Jewelry, informally started Jewelry making and design and construction of a variety of ornaments. This skill, which was the legacy of Pakdalan’s grandfather, led Pakdelan fard Jewelry to do the job based on reliable expertise and skill and following all the principles. As time went on and the Jewelry gained experience, as well as receiving certificates for a variety of new courses in the unique design of gold and jewelry, Pakdelan fard Jewelry has become one of the most significant jewelry manufacturers of its time.

Pakdelan fard Jewelry finally received its official work license and jewelry license from Shiraz Jewelry Gold Union in 2011 and started official career using a specialized and trained team. This jewelry making has continued to the present day under the management of “Pakdalan Fard” – as the investor and CEO of this firm.



Design of gold and jewelry at Pakdelan fard Jewelry

Pakdelan fard Jewelry’s gold ornaments are made of 18-carat gold. These jewels are custom made or according to modern designs, using a variety of precious stones such as agate, turquoise, jade, azure and so on. Applying various gemstones in jewelry design creates much more beauty.

Over time, new and different tastes, like utilization of leather or braided stitch, emerged in the field of jewelry and became popular. These innovations give jewelry a unique beauty.


Likewise Pakdelan fard Jewelry has not neglected these innovations. This jewelry uses different types of leather or braided stitch, according to the customer’s desire and taste. Finally, Pakdelan fard Jewelry delivers eye-catching gold ornaments to the customer.

In its special collection, Pakdelan fard Jewelry uses a variety of original and precious Iranian stones such as: diamonds, rubies and emeralds to cover the tastes of different types of special customers.


Customer’s taste is the first priority of Pakdelan fard Jewelry

All products offered in Pakdelan fard Jewelry are handmade and produced by specialized and trained employees in a special firm. This approach has made this gallery different from its competitors. Finally, Pakdelan fard Jewelry is known and considered as a reliable brand among customers.


Pakdelan fard Jewelry‘s ornaments

Customer satisfaction and taste is the priority of all employees of Pakdelan fard Jewelry. This has led to strong and deep mutual trust between customers and the gallery. The customer can submit their desired design to our designer. Furthermore, consulting with the gallery’s expert staff and relying on team experience, can lead to achieving the best quality products. All these years, the main goal of Pakdelan fard Jewelry has been to gain the satisfaction of the majority of customers. Relying on its brilliant repute, this gallery has been able to take effective steps in various fields of national production and by designing and manufacturing its products, Pakdelan fard Jewelry provides a broad platform for entrepreneurship. Currently, in this gallery, the design and construction of various types of men’s and women’s jewelry are done according to different tastes.